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Skin care in your 20's

Skin cell turnover slows down from
every 5-7 days to every 21 days. This
attributes to the development of fine
lines and the early stages of photodamage
(i.e. freckles and age spots.)
Mild exfoliation is recommended to
increase cell turnover.

Application of sunscreen daily is an absolute must!

Antioxidants are recommended for extra protection and to
prevent further cellular damage.

Skin care in your 30's

Skin cell turnover slows to
28 days. This plus hormones,
plus the stress of every day
life can equal acne, pigment
changes and the deepening
of fine lines.

Exfoliating agents (such as
beta-hydroxy and alphahydroxy
acids) and retinoids
are recommended additions
to our skin care regimen.

Skin care in your 40's & beyond

Cell turnover slows to
45 days, and the skin is drier
and produces fewer elastins.

 Skin care is critical to
protect the skin and boost
the production of collagen
and elastin.

Consider in-office
procedures (such as peels)
3-6 times a year.


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